MagSafe iPhone 14 Pro case - Split Wood Fibre

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  • A distinctive dual-material design, where tough aluminum meets eco wood fibre, for maximum protection.

  • 10ft drop protection 

  • 1mm raised edge to protect your screen and camera.

  • Slim and lightweight design to slide into your pocket easily.

  • Seamlessly MagSafe® compatible & secure with 50% larger magnets.

  • Internally lined with ultra-soft microfibre for extra device care and protection

  • Compatible with Apple Pay

This case was designed for the iPhone 14 Pro and is also compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro click here for more details.

Distinctive Design
Split Wood fibre features a distinctive dual-material design, where aluminum meets tactile wood fibre for understated protection with a contemporary edge.

The Best MagSafe Connection

MagSafe charging compatible with built-in magnets. The magnets are 50% thicker than standard magnets used in many other phone cases which provides a secure connection and seamless positioning with your MagSafe accessories

The Highest Quality Eco Materials

Sustainably conscious wood fibre and recyclable aluminum, chosen for their premium quality and durability. Made from infinitely recyclable anodized aluminum with sustainably sourced wood fibre for durability. We mix recycled wood with PLA and PBAT (both naturally occurring substances derived from corn starch), for a resilient finish.

10ft Drop Protection

Reassuringly protective due to the strengthened aluminum and 1mm raised edge of the case which protects your screen

Slim and Lightweight Design

Slim design keeps bulky pockets to a minimum

Microfibre Lined

Internally lined with ultra-soft microfibre for extra device care and protection

The iPhone 14 Pro cases fit both the iPhone 14 Pro phone and iPhone 13 Pro phone. The case is fully functioning with correct fit and button alignment for both devices.

However, as the iPhone 13 Pro camera is slightly smaller than the iPhone 14 Pro camera, the camera ring of the case doesn't fit as neatly around the iPhone 13 Pro camera, therefore there is a very small 2.7 mm gap around the camera showing the back of your phone.

Please note; if you have an iPhone 13 Pro you can choose an iPhone 14 Pro case or an iPhone 13 Pro case. If you have an iPhone 14 Pro, you can only choose an iPhone 14 Pro case.

MagSafe compatible with built-in magnets

Qi wireless charging compatible.

Compatible with Apple Pay.

  • What is your wood fibre material made of?  
    • The Split Wood Fibre cases feature a combination of recycled wood with PLA and PBAT which are both naturally occurring substances derived from corn starch. This provides a resilient finish and a satisfying tactility. 
  • Are your phone cases compatible with wireless charging? 
    • Yes, all of our cases are compatible with QI charging devices. 
  • Are your phone cases compatible with Apple Pay? 
    • Yes, all of our phone cases are compatible with Apple Pay. 
  • Are your phone cases compatible with MagSafe charging devices? 
    • iPhone 13 and 14 range cases feature built in magnets for the best MagSafe connection and alignment. 
    • iPhone 12 range, iPhone 11, iPhone SE/8/7/6 cases do not feature built in magnets. However, the slim design of our case allows for alignment with your MagSafe charger. The strength of the magnetic connection is moderate, which means the charger will find it’s connection point and automatically start charging, but please note the MagSafe may not stay securely attached when picking up your phone.  
  • How do I clean my phone case? 
    • We recommend that you wipe your case with a damp cloth to keep it clean. 
  • Are your cases compatible with screen protection? 
    • Yes, our cases are compatible with most screen protectors as long as they don’t wrap around the edges of the phone. 
  • What level of protection do your phone cases offer? 
    • We test our cases rigorously and have designed them to be protective from everyday scratches and bumps whilst maintaining their slim design. Every phone case features medical grade aluminum which we anodise to further strengthen allowing us to keep a lightweight profile but with reliable protection.  
  • How does Wood Fibre wear?

    • Wood fibre wears in, it doesn’t wear out. As a natural, plant-based material that’s designed to be handled every day, you may notice a change in texture of your case over time, this is due to the eco nature of the product, so it will wear differently to plastic. The change in texture or slight fade in colour is completely normal, creates a unique to you look, and most importantly won’t affect the performance or protection level of your case.
  • What does the wood fibre material feel like? 
    • The wood fibre material is smooth with a slight softness. The material has a slight flexibility to it and the ridges on the back provide grip and tactility. 

superior MagSafe compatibility

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10ft drop protection

distinctive materials

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Ultra-soft microfibre lining for extra protection inside of case. Grade A microfiber soft interior. Premium phone case for iPhone 14 range. High quality cell phone cover.

grade A microfibre lining

designed in London

Designed in London. Experienced designers. Market leading design. sustainable and functional and stylish accessories. High quality cases and covers.  iPhone 14, 14 Plus iPhone 14 pro, iPhone 14 pro max phone case

anodised aluminum

Smooth, endlessly recyclable aluminium. We purposefully selected grade 5052 aluminum, used in architecture, aircraft and marine environments, due to its hard wearing and durable nature. As well as its high strength, aluminum is lightweight and resistant to corrosion. To further strengthen the material we anodize it, which is the process of thickening, colouring and protecting the surface.

High quality premium materials. strong aluminum, recyclable eco materials. Hard wearing durable long lasting phone case. Protective metal phone case. Unique wood fibre material. Recycled wood sustainable planet friendly eco phone cover for iPhone 14 range

Wood Fibre

Specially developed by atom studios, wood fibre is a combination of recycled wood and cornstarch-based ingredients. This material innovation means this is the only case in the world made of this formulation. As well as locking carbon into the case through the wood chips, it has a smooth, soft finish a grippy texture. Wood fibre wears in, it doesn’t wear out, over time a change in texture is completely normal as your case becomes completely unique to you look. Most importantly this won’t affect the performance or protection level of your case.

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