flat USB-C to Lightning details

Our flat cable is designed to stay knot-free for an effortless convenience. This cable comes with a USB-A adaptor head, which can be easily interchanged to suit your USB-A or USB-C plug. Compatible with our mass cable weight sold separately.

Ultra fast charge - fast efficient charging with up to 18W via USB-C and 12W via USB-A.

Tangle-free design - the distinctive shape and material of our flat cables mean they are much less likely to knot and will stay tangle free.

Versatile charging - the included detachable USB-A adaptor head easily connects onto the USB-C head, giving you the choice of charging USB-A to Lightning or USB-C to Lightning for a beautifully versatile solution

Premium eco materials - the cable is made from sand-based silicone and the tips are formed of recyclable aluminum chosen for their premium quality and durability

Created by leading designers - crafted from years of industry experience, we designed this cable to solve the most common problems caused by charging. No more knots, super-fast speeds and extra durable materials to last.

Tested for durability - We put our cables through rigorous testing to ensure they are built to last. These include strength tests, stress tests, temperature tests to ensure they stay functioning in minus 4 degree and 140 degree environments – we even bend the cable back and forth over 3000 times to make sure it will stand the test of time.

Adaptor pouch included to keep your cable and detachable USB-A adaptor safe.

MFI (Made for iPhone) certified cable for seamless functionality with Apple phones.