split wood fiber MagSafe details

    Premium Eco Materials
    Made from infinitely recyclable anodized aluminum with sustainably sourced wood fiber for durability. We mix recycled wood with PLA and PBAT (both naturally occurring substances derived from corn starch), for a resilient finish.
    Distinctive Design
    Split Wood fiber features a distinctive dual-material design, where aluminum meets tactile wood fiber for understated protection with a contemporary edge.
    All the Protection You Need
    Reassuringly protective due to the strengthened aluminium and 1mm raised edge of the case which protects your screen.
    Keep bulky pockets to a minimum with the slim, streamlined design.
            MagSafe Charging Compatible 

            All of our iPhone 13 phone cases feature built-in magnets for effortless MagSafe connection and alignment. The magnets we selected are 60% thicker than standard magnets used in many other phone cases which provides a secure connection and seamless positioning with your MagSafe accessories.

            Microfiber Lined 
            Internally lined with microfibre for extra device care and protection.