touch silicone details

reassuringly protective
Despite the soft to touch exterior, this case has been designed to protect your device. We have extensively tested our cases for the real life drops and bumps. Touch features an enclosed base for extra defence and a 1mm raised edge to protect the screen. The strong construction provides a reassuring level of protection whilst maintaining that all important slim design.

wireless charging compatible
The slim design of the Touch case means that it is fully wireless charging compatible, so you can simply place your phone on any wireless charging pad for a quick boost of power without the need to remove your case. Alternatively, pair with our Flat cable and weight (LINK) and Block for an ultra-fast charge.

built to last
The materials used in our cases were chosen to look distinctive, be sustainably conscious and perform well – but above all they must be durable. Designed with this in mind, all our cases have a resilient finish to endure.

sand-based silicone
The silicone we chose was designed to be touched, ultra-soft and tactile. While plastic tends to be made from crude oil that’s extracted from the ground - a non-renewable resource - silicone is made from silica which is easily found in sand. While this can’t be considered an unlimited resource, it’s more abundant. Silicone products can be recycled and are preferable to plastic because they don’t contain harmful chemicals.

microfibre lining
The Touch case features a soft internal microfibre lining. This brushed material cushions your Samsung, giving it the extra level of protection that it deserves.

designed in London
We were brought together by our shared experience in the technology and accessory industry. After working for many of the world’s largest consumer tech brands, we joined together with the aim to make market leading accessories which deliver on design, sustainability and functionality.