AirPods Pro 2nd Gen / 1st Gen protective case - Stand

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Understated design meets reliable protection. Elevate your AirPods Pro with a beautifully minimal anodised aluminium case, designed with convenience in mind.
  • Distinctive Slim Design - Balance reliable protection with a smart minimalism.
  • Premium Materials - Anodized aluminum and soft touch silicone combine durability and convenience to easily slide in and out of your pocket.
  • Wireless Charging Compatible - The silicone back means you can wirelessly charge your AirPods Pro without removing the case. Visible charge indication light.
  • Convenient - Unique flat base design lets your AirPods Pro always stand up, allowing for easy access.
  • Visible front LED - Charge indication light is visible when in use, so you can easily check that you’re charging.

Stand is compatible with: Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Gen (2022) and 1st Gen.

The 2nd Gen AirPods Pro has a small speaker at the base that plays sound to help you locate your AirPods if they have been misplaced. Although the atom studios stand case covers this speaker the speaker sound is still fully audible thanks to the cut out at the bottom for your charge cable which the sound travels through. 

This product is not compatible with:
AirPods Gen 1
AirPods Gen 2

Compatible with QI certified wireless chargers.

  • How do I clean my AirPods Pro case? 
    • We recommend you wipe your AirPods case with a damp cloth to keep it clean. 

  • How do I install my AirPods Pros case? 
    • Simply place your AirPods Pro inside the case for a snug fit 

  • Do I need to remove my Stand case to wirelessly charge my AirPods Pro? 
    • No, there is no need to remove it, just place them onto a wireless charging pad, inside their case, to start charging. 

    protective + convenient

    smooth finish

    compatible with wireless charging

    anodized aluminum

    Smooth, endlessly recyclable aluminum. We purposefully selected grade 5052 aluminum, used in architecture, aircraft and marine environments, due to its hard wearing and durable nature. As well as its high strength, aluminum is lightweight and resistant to corrosion. To further strengthen the material we anodize it, which is the process of thickening, colouring and protecting the surface.


    While plastic tends to be made from crude oil that’s extracted from the ground - a non-renewable resource - silicone is made from silica which is easily found in sand. While this can’t be considered an unlimited resource, it’s definitely more abundant. Silicone products can be recycled and are preferable to plastic because they don’t contain harmful chemicals.

    sustainably packaged

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